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BluesNYC are:

Silas Johnson - vocals, harp
Adam Valk     - lead guitar  
John Becton    - bass         
Corey Powell  - guitar        
Guy Powell     - drums       

 New York City is the greatest city in the world but when it comes to 
traditional blues music, New York defintitely takes a back seat to other
towns where the history and future of blues are more  prominent in live settings.

In hopes of stirring up more interest in blues music in the NYC area,  BluesNYC was formed.

 BluesNYC's members come from a variety of musical backgrounds, with many years
of recording and live performance experience in rock, blues, r&b, soul and jazz.

 BluesNYC strives towards presenting blues in the traditional electric style,
playing both cover and original music that captures the spirit of those pioneers who have gone before. 

 We hope you will check our calendar, watch for our show, and let us know what you think.